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Installations vary depending on the optimal use of ground resources at each property site. The most common installations are the vertical and horizontal loop systems. All loops are guaranteed for 50 years and the geothermal units for 10 years.

  • Vertical Loop 


Typically installed in urban and suburban settings where access to large yards is limited. New drilling technology is making vertical installation more feasible in a wider number of applications. 

  • Horizontal Loop 

The most standard application of geothermal. This loop is installed at a shallower depth but with equal surface area to the vertical installation.

  • Pond Loop

Typically installed on rural properties where ponds act as an energy source similar to the ground loop system.

  • Open Loop

 Typically installed on properties with wells, this installation takes advantage of the constant temperature of ground water sources.


Residential: Geothermal for your family

 For over 30 years, families have enjoyed the savings and comfort of geothermal home energy systems. With over one million systems installed worldwide, geothermal energy is quickly becoming the number one choice for discerning families.



An average-sized home converted to a geothermal system from oil or electricity will cut heating and cooling costs by about 70%. If propane heating is replaced with a geothermal system, the savings are even better, at approximately 80%. Over the long-term, with rising energy prices, your investment in geothermal gets better and better. And because a geothermal system doesn't burn natural gas, propane or fuel oil, homeowners are impacted less by skyrocketing costs of fossil fuels.



One of the surprising qualities of geothermal is that it creates a more comfortable living environment than a traditional system. Our systems do not rely on combustion which creates intense, high-temperature heat, so they can maintain indoor temperatures much more precisely all day long. You will avoid uneven hot or cold spots in your home, sudden blasts of heat, and unpleasant dryness. During the summer, you will stay cool without a noisy outdoor air conditioner.

With a geothermal system, you can save money without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. Industry studies have shown that geothermal systems are very reliable and require only minimal maintenance. And without the need to burn fossil fuels, there are no concerns about safety; no flame, no fumes, no flues, no carbon monoxide, and no outdoor fuel tanks.

Geothermal systems are completely safe. And with expected life spans of 20 to 30 years, they are designed with long-term reliability and service in mind.

Commercial: Geothermal for your business


Commercial buildings, due to their large size and complex operation, are generally much less efficient to heat and cool than residences.

Yet with the application of geothermal technology and engineering skill, the gains in savings are tremendous. When a geothermal system is combined with a program of tight load balancing (redistributing waste heat), and other measures instituted by design experts, buildings can substantially reduce their annual heating and cooling costs. Geothermal has been applied to such varied commercial projects as wineries, distribution facilities, grocery stores, office buildings, and apartment complexes.



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